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The KWP2000 tool was originally made by Cartech SAS. It has since then become the most copied chiptuning tool and has been available on all kinds of webshops and places like ebay. There is a new and updated version of this tool available now, called MPPS. This tool is made by www.amtcartech.co.uk and distributed by www.chiptunawarehouse.com

This chiptuning flashtool operates through the kwp2000 standard protocol and is not meant to read error codes or run diagnostics. It reads the complete content of the memory chip of your ecu and allows you to save it and write a modified version back into the ecu. This article explains the safe operation of this tool and is a sort of howto on using the kwp2000

You often hear horror stories about the “cloned tools”. Usualy this is because people are badly informed on how to operate the device and what safety measures to take.

Also the components used inside are often not up to spec and when dealing with sensitive comunications you could have bad luck during a write operation.

The common non-hardware related causes for failed writes and broken ecus are :

-Unstable windows installation or old laptop that tends to crash or shut off.

-Battery of the car very old and low voltage

-Voltage spike or drop, often caused by fans kicking in.

-Wrong file or corrupt file loaded into ecu.

To safeguard yourself as much as possible against this you can take some precautions. Make sure you have a good battery, disconnect the electric radiator fans, hook up a good charger to the battery or hook up a running car with jumper cables to provide the extra juice for when things start drawing current. And most importantly make sure the file your are writing is a good one. I will go more into depth on the ebay tuning dvd’s in a future article, but I suggest you do not use those files. There is also the option of benchflashing with a special cable. This is the safes method and involves you taking out the ecu, hooking it up with the cable to the kwp2000 tool and a stable lab power supply.

Okay, you now know how keep Mr. Murphy and his law as far away as possible, onto the flashing of the ecu:


Connect the cables and set your iginition switch in the “on” position. Then start up the kwp2000 software:

In this screen you select your car and ecumodel, doubleclicking leads you to the next screen:

Check that you get the “waking ecu” message. If you see “ecu not found” try setting the software to slow speed. Press DATA. When everything is done right you will get this screen:

Here the ecu information is displayed and you can now click on the read button and select a location to save the original ecu file.

Next step is to load the file you want to flash into your car:

Then you get this screen:

Verify that the softwarenumbers of the file area a match. When you press program the dataleds will start flashing and you DO NOT INTERUPT THIS. When it is done you turn off the ignition switch for 10 seconds and your car is reflashed.

It is possible that for some cars you have to remove a fuse (instrument cluster) to be able to write. For instance for VAG cars this is often the fuses shown in the picture below.


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